Differences between wine grapes and table grapes

What are the differences between table grapes and wine grapes?

Although they may seem relatively the same, we could say that it is just the opposite, there are more things that distinguish them than those that unite them.

First, we will compare the way they are cultivated.

Table grape cultivation

Table grapes are more sensitive to weather conditions, as it is preferable to grow them in mild or even warm temperatures. This is why most table grape cultivations are found in the Mediterranean area.

Wine grape cultivation

Wine grapes require a cold winter to inhibit growth and frost to avoid infections. A spring with sufficient rainfall to maintain optimum soil moisture and control growth, followed by a hot and sunny summer to ripen the fruit.

On the other hand, there are differences between grapes due to their morphological features.

In table grapes the size of the berry is bigger than in wine grapes, the berries are fleshier and contain more juice. Besides, the bunches are longer and looser. The number of seeds is also very important in wine grapes as it is a factor that determines the taste of the wine. In the case of table grapes, if the fruit does not contain seeds, it is not relevant for the taste.

At Uvasdoce we are specialists in the cultivation of mainly seedless table grapes.

We have more than 20 seedless varieties, each with characteristics that differentiate them in shape, colour, and flavour.