Grape for children

With the ‘Essentials’, Uvasdoce started a project that today absorbs all its attention, which is to direct its seedless grape production (which already represents 93%) especially to children, with innovations in flavours, colours, formats and games.

Focused on encouraging grape consumption from a young age.

Since 2010, innovation has been the tool that has led Uvasdoce in this direction. Its manager, Alfredo Miralles, after travelling a lot, decided to go for seedless grapes, and this meant a return to his business model in which this crop now represents 93% of his production.

It was last year when for the first time they harvested more seedless than traditional grapes and this season the leap has been definitive, as Miriam Cutillas, Uvasdoce’s Sales and Marketing Director, explains:

‘We have been converting our farms and growing in other areas because our commitment is 100% seedless, although we maintain agreements with growers to sell the remaining small percentage of traditional grapes’.

In this sense, at Uvasdoce they want to emphasise that despite the belief in the area that seedless grapes are not as productive as seeded ones, the new varieties, which make up a range of more than 40, are indeed very productive, and it is even necessary to thin out the vine at certain times, as it is done with seeded varieties.

For all these reasons, they have great confidence in continuing to grow in seedless grapes ‘because it is the near future’, especially with consumers such as children, their main focus of attention.

To this end, they innovate by expanding their ‘Essentials’ range year after year with new proposals in varieties, flavours, colours, shapes, packaging, accompanied by games… Cutillas points out:

“It is a niche in which it is very important to instil the importance of consuming fruit from an early age, and what better idea than to do it with a product that is very attractive for them”.

Fruit Attraction novelties

For this year’s edition of Fruit Attraction, they will be presenting a format with a downloadable educational video game and seven new varieties.

Of the new grape varieties, five belong to the line of grapes with “candy” flavours, which were already announced last year, and this year will be on show at the fair, in addition to Timpson (white seedless) and Allison (red seedless). They will also be launching more sustainable solutions using less plastic.