Uvasdoce is characterized by using production techniques and more innovative packaging, coupled with the experience of more of four decades in the sector.

Mrs Allison Get to know Our essentials uvasdoce

Presentation of Our Essentials by Mrs. Allison

Somewhere in Alicante, a peculiar family lives in a small town called Monforte del Cid, located in the Vinalopo Valley. This family consists of Mrs Allison and her young different nieces. All of them live in UVASDOCE’s farms, where they are carefully looked after. Each of them is one of a kind with distinct characteristics. We will be discovering their unique personality throughout this story.

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The Tradittional One
The Celebrity One, she’s a big name in August. Sweet and sparkling, she’s famous all over the world.
Uvasdoce Seedless grape producers in Spain

The present and the future is the Grape without Seed

Why have we chosen to bet on seedless grapes?

In UVASDOCE we bet on seedless grapes because we think they are the present and future of the Grape. The trend is the search for fruit without seeds to facilitate and encourage consumption, especially in our most special customers, children.

In addition, it is the best way to offer our customers a wide range of varieties and flavors.

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In Uvasdoce we bet on seedless grapes

Uvasdoce in time


Foundation of Frutas La Ballena

Driven by the growth in sales, Alredo Miralles sets up Frutas La Ballena, S.L.


Uvasdoce appears

Uvasdoce appears as a product line specializing in the twelve grapes for New Year's Eve. Its foundation corresponds to the second generation of the Miralles family.


New facilities of 2,500 m2

This new workplace is situated in a privileged environment close to the area's most significant communication routes.


Birth of Our Essentials

The project "Our Essentials" is a way to explain in a visual and fun way that there are many different varieties.

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