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Uvasdoce provides consumers with a wide range of products and packaging in order to respond to the needs both of the national and the international markets.

Uvasdoce ofrece una gran variedad de uvas en formatos a granel o envasados

Uvasdoce includes a wide variety of bulk purchase formats ranging from the more traditional 10 and 5 kilo options to the more practical 1, 1.5 and 2 kilo options. Each of these formats can be ordered with different add-ons and means of packaging depending on the customer’s needs. Individual paper and plastic bags, cardboard and paper separators and sponges are some of the main packaging options for individual bags.

One of the characteristics of the company is its wide range of packaging formats for smaller quantities. These range from 1 kilo flow packs and 500 gram sealed packs to snacks weighing 250 and 170 grams. Uvasdoce also adapts to any type of customer packaging requests and, in doing so, covers the needs of both the national and the international markets. Any of these formats can be adapted to any of the Uvasdoce varieties of grapes.

Las uvas se pueden empaquetar en formatos de menor volumen
Formato a granel de cualquier variedad de uva
Diferentes formatos de envasado de la uva
Formatos a granel de uva 1, 1'5, 2, 5 y 10 kilos
Uva en bolsas unitarias de plástico

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