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Social Responsability

Uvasdoce collaborates with various associations and does its bit in order to help those less fortunate than ourselves. This is why, in 2012, it decided to celebrate its 12th anniversary by launching a solidarity campaign under the slogan ‘The Magic of the 12’. The campaign aimed to take a little bit of necessary luck to the most needy of homes with its New Year’s Eve grapes. For each solidarity wish received on Facebook, Twitter, by post or by e-mail, a family received the twelve New Year’s Eve packaged grapes. During the campaign, Uvasdoce handed out over 240,000 lucky grapes.

In 2013, and with the aim of continuing with activities of this kind, the company set up ‘Solidarity Grapes’ along with the delegation in Alicante of the Spanish Cancer Society (AECC) and these were distributed to El Corte Inglés hypermarkets and supermarkets. The company based in Alicante gives a percentage of the sales of these grapes to AECC Alicante for support and prevention activities. Year after year, distribution of the Solidarity Grapes increases. They reach more and more supermarkets meaning that more and more of these charity products can be sold. The format has become a classic amongst Uvasdoce’s extensive range of products.

The magic of the 12

On 27th December, Uvasdoce delivered 240,000 lucky grapes in 20,000 individual bags to the foodbank. This brought the ‘The Magic of the 12’ solidarity campaign to a close. The programme aims to bring luck to the families that need it the most. For each solidarity wish sent to the company, it sends luck to a family. Many people, both everyday people and well-known faces, did their bit for the campaign. Thanks to them, Uvasdoce was able to send a bit of joy to thousands of homes through the food bank.

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