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About us

Our grapes grow in a unique setting for the cultivation of a fruit of intense colours, subtle aromas and exquisite flavours

Uvasdoce is run by the young team that inherited the company from Alfredo Miralles Pérez, founder of Frutas La Ballena in the 1970s. When the company was handed over to the second generation, the Miralles family decided to throw itself behind the Uvasdoce brand with the aim of becoming one of the leading producers, importers and exporters of table grapes in Europe.

The company offices are located in Monforte del Cid, in the heart of the Vinalopó Valley (Alicante, Spain). It is an ideal area for cultivating table grapes since it is situated close to the Mediterranean Sea and has both an excellent climate and geographical characteristics that mean that the fruit that is grown there is of exceptional quality.

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We export over 50% of our grapes

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uvasdoce Premium

«Don’t aim to become a successful business, aim to become a valued business»

In 2011, within its commitment to optimum quality levels, Uvasdoce set up the Uvasdoce Premium range and sells a limited number of grapes that meet a series of quality requirements. Of particular relevance are uniformity in the colour and shape of the grape as well as berry size and, of course, flavour.

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The Uvasdoce Method

Exquisite care in order to obtain top quality grapes

Alfredo Uvasdoce Finca Nueva

Uvasdoce is known for its use of innovative production and packaging techniques along with over four decades of experience in the industry. The Manager, Alfredo Miralles, has taken these techniques from the most important grape-growing areas in the world.

Their perfection and their suitability for the exceptional characteristics of the Vinalopó valley led to the Uvasdoce Method.

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