White Grapes

Sweet GlobeTM

She was the last one to reach our shores. She is the perfect travel companion, whatever the destination is. With her milky, translucent look she’s a mouthwatering sweetie.
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Ivory TM

Ivory is a great fighter, she is one of our earliest essentials, with an unmistakable yellow colour and a unique crunchiness. She has an excellent neutral sweet flavour, and her bunches are big with round, uniform, crunchy berries. She has a very strong character but also a sweet heart of up to 18o brix.
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Tim is the first male character in this colourful bunch of Essentials. No wonder he is spoilt and sought-after. He has his head in the clouds and can be really witty sometimes. His crispy texture and muscat flavour make foodies want to taste him. Even if he’s naughty, he is so sweet that there is no one who can resist his charms.
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Sugar CrispTM

The Lazy One, a seedless grape with a big heart who brings great joy to our family. She’s always happy and ready to serve even at the late months of the year.
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Autumn KingTM

The Autumn King, of green colour and big berries. Autumn King is a late white variety, the last white seedless to be harvested in all the national territory. With great crunchiness and sweet flavour, he waits until the end of the year to help us say goodbye to the year with its delicious berries.
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