Uvasdoce’s Preseason 2022

The upcoming season 2022 brings many changes that portray the nearest future of Uvasdoce.

Growth, modernisation, new varieties and difficulties in the supply of materials are some of the key issues for this season.


New farm

Uvasdoce increases its number of productive hectares thanks to the cultivation of a new farm that reaches over 40 hectares.

This new field is located in the heart of the Vinalopó Valley and is very close to the workplace, in a privileged area for the cultivation of table grapes.

It has been named ‘Finca Uvasdoce’ to pay tribute to its own name and has become its main farm due to its size, innovations regarding the varieties and other projects nobody will remain indifferent to. It also increases the production of many of its most popular seedless varieties, such as Sweet Celebration™, Sweet Globe™, Cotton Candy™…

“This new farm will entail a 30% rise in the number of kilos produced between 2023 and 2024.”

Expansion and modernisation Uvasdoce

In order to achieve that increase, the entity from Alicante has invested at the same time in the expansion and modernisation of its current workplace in Monforte del Cid, creating new split-shift jobs by acquiring a new state-of-the-art production line from the English company MARCO LIMITED, who are specialised in solutions that improve the productivity of big companies, and updating two of its most traditional lines using the same system.

Besides, it has extended 600 m2 its high-performance cold storage.

“New split-shift jobs and 600 m² high-performance cold storage.”

International markets

This new scenario glimpses opportunities to enter new markets with appealing propositions for them.

In previous years, Uvasdoce focused both on the national and international markets in the same way —especially in the UKCentral Europe and South Africa, and in big supermarkets in the national market.

However, thanks to the increase of kilos produced and the high demand of its products, Uvasdoce will be able to approach different Asian countries, such as SingaporeMalaysiaHong Kong, etc., where, even though they didn’t export big quantities of their essential seedless grapes, business had already been started.

Another of the destinations that build a lot of interest is located on the other side of the Atlantic Ocean, where they haven’t ventured to go yet due to the demand from their close, faithful clients, who have been using up their stock up to now.

“New International markets such as Singapur, Malasia or Hong Kong”

In conclusion, there are many changes for this season 2022, whose warhorse are the rising prices and the lack of raw materials (cardboard, plastic), fact that affects every sector in general, but especially the fruit and vegetable one.