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Seeded grapes are the most traditional and sought after varieties in Mediterranean countries. Of particular relevance are the ones protected by the Vinalopó Packaged Grape Denomination of Origin including Ideal, Aledo, Red Globe and Victoria (the last two, since 2013).

As well as having all the preventive properties of grapes, the properties of the seeds themselves are of particular relevance in these varieties. They have nutritional, antioxidant and anticancerogenic properties, as well as important advantages for the treatment of venous insufficiency and other types of swelling.

The nutrients in the grape’s seeds protect against heart disease, cancer, inflammation and other health issues.


The seedless grape varieties have grown the most in terms of production and consumption over the last few years. They are the most sought after beyond the Mediterranean area, particularly in countries such as England, the Netherlands and other countries outside Europe.

Over the last few years, the world’s leading geneticists have concentrated on researching new seedless grape varieties. The catalogue of grapes of this kind is now much more extensive than the one dedicated to seeded grapes.

These varieties also have all the excellent properties in grapes that are important in preventing illnesses.

White Grape with seeds
blanca con

Varieties of White Grape with seeds


Victoria uva blanca con semillas


Aledo variedad uva blanca con semillas


Ideal embolsada
blanca  sin 2
White Grape without seeds

Varieties of White Grape without seeds




Uva blanca sin semillas Regal


Uva blanca sin semillas Timpson

Sweet Globe

Uva blanca sin semillas Sweet Globe

Sugar Crisp

Uva blanca sin semillas Sugar Crisp
Red Grape with seeds
roja con 3

Varieties of Red Grape with seeds

Red Globe

Uva roja con semillas Red Globe
roja sin 2
Red grapes without seeds

Varieties of Red Grapes without seeds


Uva roja sin semillas Carlita


Uva roja sin semillas Crimson

Arra 29

Arra 29 variedad de uva roja sin semillas

Sweet Celebration

Uva roja sin semillas Sweet Celebration

Jack’s Salute

Uva roja sin semillas Jack's Salute


Uva roja sin semillas Allison
Black grapes
Uva negra sin semillas

Varieties of Black grapes without seeds

Autumn Royal


Sweet Sapphire

Uva negra sin semillas Sweet Sapphire
Candies Uvas de sabores Especiales
Uva espcial Candy sin semilla

Varieties of Special Flavors without seeds

Candy Hearts

Uva sabor especial Candy Hearts sin semillas

Candy Snaps

Uva sabor especial Candy Snaps sin semillas

Candy Drops

Uva sabor especial Candy Drops sin semillas

Candy Dreams

Uva sabor especial Candy Dreams sin semillas

Candy Crunch

Uva sabor especial Candy Crunch sin semillas


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