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In a place in Alicante (Spain), within the Vinalopó Valley and more specifically in the small town of Monforte del Cid, a slightly atypical family lives. This family is formed by Mrs. Allison and her small and different nieces. All of them live on UVASDOCE farms, where they are carefully treated. Each of them is unique and has different characteristics. In addition to a very marked personality that we will find out throughout this story.

Mr Allison

Mrs. Allison plays a major role in the story. She keeps this group of wonderful and different grapes under control. It is a very sweet and firm variety with big berries, that are almost as big as love that she devotes to her little nieces. She has a very distinct red color, and despite her age she is really well preserved.

The Tradittional One

A seedless grape with a big heart who brings great joy to our family. She’s always happy and ready to serve even at the late months of the year.

The Travelling One

She was the last one to reach our shores. She is the perfect travel companion, whatever the destination is. With her milky, translucent look she’s a mouthwatering sweetie.

The Lazy One

We call her Lazy because she come late in the season, our latest WSL. This grape has a nice milky green colour, good size and tastes so sweet!

The Celebrity One

Like a Pop Star, our Celebrity can’t miss any Summer Party. She’s a big name in August. Sweet and sparkling, she’s famous all over the world.

The Sweet One

We are deeply in love with her. She’s so sweet with no acidity at all that she’s very special for us. The nice bright pinky red skin attracts everyone’s attention.

The Weird One

Our most exotic, adventurous and sweet grape. She stands out due to the alongated berry shape. She’s one of our favourites due to her deep black skin.

The delicious one

Tim is the first male character in this colourful bunch of Essentials. No wonder he is spoilt and sought-after. He has his head in the clouds and can be really witty sometimes. His crispy texture and muscat flavour make foodies want to taste him. Even if he’s naughty, he is so sweet that there is no one who can resist his charms.

The Stylish One

A variety with excellent features. We cannot highlight any of them. This is why we have chosen “Stylish” as best feature. Colour, size and taste stand out without any fuss, in stylish manners.

Candies Uvasdoce

Our Candies are the 5 most exotic essentials. Its flavors are so peculiar and different that they have become one of the varieties most demanded by our customers. Children love them because thanks to their flavors they are a perfect and healthy candy.

Candy Hearts – The Heartbreaker One

This Candy has stolen our heart with such a surprising taste. Those who taste it love the toffee flavour.

Candy Snaps – The Strawberry One

One of the most wanted and exotic Candies, due to her special strawberry flavour. The cutest and nicest one in this bunch of five.

Candy Crunch – The Mordidita One

Strong and mordant, this is why we call her the mord-idita. This variety has a strong taste with muscat aromas. Berry shape is elongated and slightly rounded. She is the bigshot within the quintuplet.

Candy Dreams – The Dreamer One

A day-dreamer and over-critical with herself, since she dreams of becoming the star in “Grape Hall of Fame”. A variety with a peculiar fruity taste, a crispy texture and an oval shape.

Candy Drops – The Dew Drops One

We call this Candy “Dew Drops” or “Rocío” in Spanish, the latest Candy in the Summer. This doesn’t stop her from being the most enjoyable of all sisters. She has a large round berry and a light muscat taste.


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