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Uvasdoce produces, imports and exports table grapes and is led by the young team that has inherited the work that the founder of Frutas La Ballena, Alfredo Miralles Pérez, began in the 1970s.

Uvasdoce is located in Monforte del Cid (Alicante, Spain), a region with one of the longest-standing traditions in grape cultivation in the world. Its vines are situated in the heart of the Vinalopó valley. The area is known as the ‘Valley of Grapes’ because its gentle microclimate throughout the year means that top quality fruit is grown there.

The chronology of a project with a future

History is not what we have already written, but what is still waiting to be written.


The beginning

Alfredo Miralles Pérez begins working as a farmer and table grape exporter.


Frutas La Ballena

Driven by the growth in sales, Alfredo Miralles sets up Frutas La Ballena, S.L.


Second generation

Alfredo Miralles Guirao joins Frutas La Bellna, S.L., the first of the second generation of the Miralles family to do so.


"La Terola"

12 hectares of Victoria, Ideal and Red Globe table grapes are planted in the Terola vineyard.



The Uvasdoce line of products specialising in the twelve grapes for New Year's Eve celebrations begins. It was created by the second generation of the Miralles family - Alfredo Miralles Guirao, María Dolores Miralles Guirao and Estrella Miralles Guirao.


New facilities

New facilities for packaging table grapes with a floorspace of 1,500 m2 are opened. They were the most modern facilities for table grape packaging in the province at the time.


Grapes Without Seeds

Uvasdoce becomes a pioneer in Alicante in the cultivation of seedless grapes at the Estación vineyard that is 2.5 hectares in size. Cultivation of the innovative variety of seedless grapes - Crimson - begins.


Alfredo Miralles

All our vines are awarded Integrated Production quality certification. Alfredo Miralles Guirao is named sole administrator of Frutas Ballena, S.L and, in doing so, takes charge of the generational handover from his father.


Fruit Attraction y Fruit Logistica

The company moves to new facilities with a 2,500 m2 fruit and vegetable plant situated on a 15,000 m2 plot. This new workplace is situated in a privileged environment close to the area's most significant communication routes. It also has the latest in table grape handling, cooling and exporting technology. The company exhibits at the international Fruit Attraction and Fruit Logistica shows for the very first time. All our vines are awarded the Globalgap quality certificate.


"La Serreta"

25 new hectares of the most modern and sought-after varieties of seedless green and red grapes in export markets and the traditional Red Globe and Aledo varieties are planted at the Serreta vineyard.


Quality certifications

The company is awarded BRC and IFS quality certifications for agro-food packaging and sales. These certifications are the most important in the agro-food industry on an international scale.


Social responsability

Uvasdoce celebrates its 12th anniversary and the start of corporate social responsibility activities by donating 20,000 bags of 12 grapes for New Year's Eve to the food bank.


Best Agrarian Company in Alicante

The company is awarded the ASAJA (young farmer agricultural association) prize for the best agricultural company in Alicante. Uvasdoce is featured on the 'Comando Actualidad' Spanish TV documentary on large scale sales. Alberto Fabra, President of the Generalitat, visits the facilities in recognition of its innovation and growth in table grape production. Along with AECC (Spanish cancer association), Uvasdoce launches its Solidarity Grapes. A percentage of the sales are donated in support of cancer prevention.


"Grapes of the World"

Uvasdoce is selected to represent Spanish grapes in the ‘Grapes of the World’ annual edited by the Fresh Fruit on-line portal, a leader in the South American market.


New Varieties

Uvasdoce increase its catalogue of seedless table grape varieties with the Grappa range. It also sponsors the 1st edition of the Vinalopó Early New Year's Eve event attended by over 3,000 people.


Best Facilities

Uvasdoce harvests two new seedless table grape varieties from the SNFL (Special New Fruit Licensing) range for the very first time. Planting takes place at the new Negreta vineyard that will be harvested for the first time in 2017. The facilities are improved with the introduction of new cold areas and machinery.


Nuestras Imprescindibles

Nacimiento de Nuestras Imprescindibles: El proyecto “Nuestras Imprescindibles” es una forma de explicar de forma visual y divertida que hay muchas y muy diferentes variedades. Estos personajes y su personalidad única, explican de la forma más divertida que propiedades tienen cada una ellas.


"Colección Candy"

Inauguración de la nueva finca La Gloria, con la llegada de la colección de Candies a nuestras fincas. Uvasdoce amplía su catálogo de variedades de uva sin semillas, con la colección de especialidades Candies de IFG. Estas variedades tienen sabores muy exóticos diferentes e irresistibles.


Las Chuches de Uvasdoce

Uvasdoce crea la marca “Las chuches de Uvasdoce” (laschuchesdeuvasdoce.es) y lanza su videojuego ‘A toda uva’, para que se conozcan todas sus variedades y características.


20 Aniversario

Por su 20 aniversario y primera vez en su historia Uvasdoce comercializa un 98% de uvas sin semillas, frente a un solo 2% de uva con semillas. Y amplia sus instalaciones para el bienestar de sus trabajadores, ampliando zonas comunes y zona de trabajo.


Gama "Candies"

Uvasdoce es la primera entidad en España en tener la gama completa de las variedades de sabores especiales "Candies" teniendo las 6, incluyendo como novedad la Cotton Candy ™, variedad blanca sin semillas con un peculiar sabor a algodón de azúcar.


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