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The Aledo and Ideal varieties in our production are included within the Vinalopó Packaged Table Grape Denomination of Origin. The Victoria and Red Globe varieties were also included in this denomination in 2013.

In order for our grapes to meet all Vinalopó Packaged Grape Denomination of Origin requirements, each and every one of the clusters ripen inside bags. The bags begin being fitted at the end of June or beginning of July.


Uva embolsada

The packaging method is an artisanal and entirely manual technique found exclusively in the Vinalopó area. It consists of covering the best clusters with paper bags until the time comes to harvest. In doing so, they are protected from external elements such as plant protection products, insects and weather conditions (rain, sun, wind, etc.). This guarantees that the grapes ripen slowly. The result is a grape that is uniform in colour, is healthier, has a thinner peel and tastes great. This maturing method also means that consumers can enjoy a summer fruit in the winter.

The bags that are used in this technique are made from cellulose paper (they are recycled following use) and they are available in small, medium and large sizes. The size is selected based on the size of the grapes, meaning that the berries are protected as they grow. The fruit that grows under this protection is harvested approximately between 15th September and the end of December. There is a Mediterranean climate in the Vinalopó valley and three sub-climates (maritime, warm and subtropical) that mean that the maturing process can be delayed and the grapes are left on the vine well into the winter. It is the last grape of the year.



In the early 20th century, a plague hit the vines in Alicante and there was little the local farmers could do about it. One of the locals who was worried about the future of his crops decided to cover and protect each and every one of the clusters with a paper bag. What started out as accidental has, over time, proven that the aforementioned covering is not only useful in protecting grapes from plagues and from the effects of direct crop spraying, but it also protects them from weather damage and gives them characteristics that are quite unique.

The Denomination of Origin stamp


The exhaustive quality control carried out on this type of grape does not only take place when being cultivated and matured. It also extends to packaging and handling so that they reach the consumer in the very best conditions possible. During packaging, additional checks are carried out so that each and every bunch meets the selection criteria indicated in the Denomination of Origin Regulations. The criteria must be met if the grapes are to have the corresponding guarantee stamp.


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