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Uvasdoce pays particular attention to compliance with the most demanding of quality systems in order to ensure food safety and total customer satisfaction.

As such, the Uvasdoce quality system meets the most demanding of European regulations for the agro-food industry including IFS, BRC, GLOBALGAP, HACCP and Integrated Production, amongst others.

BRC Food Certificated

BRC (British Retail Consortium). This association, including the majority of the large distribution chains in the United Kingdom, has established technical regulations applicable to all the companies that produce foods carrying the distribution chains’ brand names.

IFS International Featured Standards

IFS (International Food Standard). This regulation was established by large German and French distribution companies and regulates the quality management systems of agro-food companies.

Global GAP The Global Partneship for Good Agricultural Practice

GlobalG.A.P. (Good Agriculture Practice). This is the world’s leading assurance programme. It ensures that consumers’ needs are reflected in agricultural production in an increasingly large number of countries (currently over 120 across all the continents).

APPCC Análisis de peligros y puntos de control crítico

APPCC (Análisis de Peligros y Puntos de Control Críticos). These international standards define the requirements for a food safety management system.

Comunidad Valenciana Producción Integrada

Producción Integrada. The aim is to obtain top quality agricultural produce through the use of cultivation techniques that respect the environment by using vegetable-growing agricultural systems that make the most of resources and natural production mechanisms, as well as guaranteeing sustainable agriculture in the long term.

Logo trazabilidad

Trazabilidad. Traceability consists of all the steps, measures and procedures used to identify and record each item of food. It begins with the primary sector, covers transformation and ends at the sales stage right up until the product reaches the consumer. Traceability is an important tool in guaranteeing food safety.

Uva de mesa embolsada del Vinalopó

We also adhere to the Vinalopó packaged table grape denomination of origin regulations.


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