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The corporate vision at Uvasdoce is to improve the quality of table grapes and make them healthier and more appealing to consumers. The company is known for its combined use of innovative production and packaging techniques, as well as over four decades of experience in the industry. Year after year, Uvasdoce perfects its work model for obtaining top quality grapes whilst meeting the highest of food safety levels.

Uvasdoce produces and sells table grapes all year round to large stores, wholesalers, hotels and restaurants. Some of its most exclusive products are those in its top quality ranges: Uvasdoce Premium and La Ballena Gourmet. These products have a limited production each season because the grapes in each of these brands need to meet very demanding criteria.

Furthermore, in order to make access to grapes easier for the consumer, Uvasdoce created its Freshmoving range in formats that consumers can take where, whenever and however they wish. Under the brand name Uvasdoce Nochevieja, the company has a wide range of twelve New Year’s Eve grapes that are a longstanding tradition in Spain.

Uvasdoce is currently one of the most significant producers, importers and exporters of table grapes in Europe. We are present in both the national market and in the most important international ones, whilst maintaining quality and innovation as our guiding principles.


Uvasdoce has over 200 hectares of crops both in its own vineyards and through collaborations with associated producers. We can find both the area’s more traditional table grape varieties such as Victoria, Italia, Ideal, Aledo and Red Globe in these vineyards, as well as the most popular seedless varieties such as Crimson, Jack’s Salut, Sweet Globe and Sugar Crisp, amongst many other grapes in the new range of varieties. Much of the company’s own traditional production falls within the Vinalopó Packaged Table Grape Denomination of Origin.

Uvasdoce dispone de más de 200 hectáreas de cultivo


Uvasdoce provides consumers with grapes all year round. In order to do so, it supplements its own production with other imported varieties whilst maintaining absolute control over selection and packaging as a means of product guarantee. Italy, Brazil, Peru, South Africa and Chile are the main countries of origin of the imported grapes we work with.


Uvasdoce exports over half of its total production to the main European markets such as France, UK, Germany, Switzerland and Poland, as well as other, more far-off countries such as South Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Canada and Asia. Customers can make purchases in bulk or packaged on trays. Personalised packaging can also be provided to suit customers’ needs.

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