Fincas - Uvasdoce Productores de Uva de Mesa
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Uvasdoce has over 100 hectares of production spread across five large vineyards. Of particular relevance is the Serreta farm with over 40 hectares in production since 2013. This increases year after year with the market’s most innovative varieties. Uvasdoce also has agreements with associated farmers and this multiplies production and sales by three.

The following are particularly important in terms of the cultivation and harvesting techniques used with Uvasdoce’s products, whether they come from the company’s own vineyards or from associated ones:

  • Careful selection of clusters before harvesting so that only the ones that meet quality standards are left behind on the vine.
  • Clusters are thinned, either by hand or using scissors, after grape setting so that the berries do not become too bunched together. This means that the clusters are looser and more uniform, as well as being more homogeneous in colour.
  • All crops are covered with anti-hail netting so that crops are not lost entirely during weather fronts such as hail and strong winds.
  • Only some varieties are bagged although this practice is increasingly common. This technique is used, in particular, with the Ideal, Aledo and Red Globe The varieties that are not bagged are covered with plastic in order to protect them from exposure to the elements.

Our Vineyards


La Negreta vineyard

This is the company’s most recent purchase. Grafting took place in 2016 and the first harvest will be in 2017. This will mean an increase in the seedless grape range with four new table grape varieties. It is located in Monforte del Cid, very close to the company’s other vineyards such as Abelargo and Terola and the Uvasdoce offices.


La Serreta vineyard

This vineyard is the apple of our eye. It is the company’s largest and began being farmed in 2010. Its first harvest was in 2012. It grows year by year with new plantations and new varieties. It is the area with the largest number of varieties of table grapes with up to 10 different varieties, 8 of which are seedless.

La Estación vineyard

The company’s first seedless grape plantation was carried out here and this vineyard produces excellent grapes year after year. Located in the Monforte del Cid municipality, it is situated just 1 km from the Uvasdoce offices.

Inverplas vineyard

This vineyard belongs to a farmer with links to the company. Some of the new varieties the company has taken on have been planted here over the last few years. It is located in the Agost municipality.

Abelardo vineyard

This vineyard is continuously being updated and was one of the company’s first. Over the last few years, its traditional crops have been replaced with the market’s most sought after seedless varieties. It is located in the Monforte del Cid area in close proximity to the Uvasdoce offices.

La Terola vineyard

This is one of the company’s oldest, but most modern, vineyards. This is due to the updating and modernisation work carried out there over the last few years. As well as the area’s more traditional varieties, it also has some of the new seedless ones that the company has begun working with over the last few years.

Los Fuentes vineyard

This vineyard belongs to a farmer with links to the company. Situated in La Murada (Orihuela), it is the company’s most southerly cultivation area. As such, it is habitually one of the earliest to be harvested. It is one of the few vineyards that grows just one variety of grape.

El Tenis vineyard

This vineyard belongs to a farmer with links to the company. The hectares dedicated to cultivation are being increased at this vineyard where new seedless varieties are being grown, as well as the area’s more traditional ones. It is located within the Monforte del Cid municipality.