Equipo - Uvasdoce Productores de Uva de Mesa
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The uvasdoce TEAM

The team at Uvasdoce consists of a large number of staff with experience in the industry. It would take a long time to talk about the more than 200 people who are part of the company’s workforce throughout the year.  This is why you will find information on just a few team members below. It is important to Uvasdoce that you get to know the people who make getting the very best grapes to consumers possible.


'The boss.' This isn't because he likes telling people what to do - he doesn't do it very often - but because he is, without a doubt, the key person in the company because of his knowledge of grapes. No matter where or when new techniques or varieties come up, he always knows what's going on. He has travelled the world with the conviction that what works in other places can also work in the very best place for cultivating table grapes - Vinalopó. He started out in the industry at a very young age and, along with his sisters, has managed to turn Uvasdoce into a leading company.



Estrella, the youngest and most creative of the siblings, radiates energy and new ideas in equal shares. Her commitment to the brand, packaging and quality put Uvasdoce on the map of the very best grape companies in Europe. She is nonconformist and demanding, particularly with herself. She works hard each and every day in order to adapt the product to the tastes of the different markets and consumers. In order to do so, she is always deep in a search for innovative products that make getting the fruit to consumers easier. Her name means 'star' and she is the 'star of the grapes' - the most recognisable face in Uvasdoce.



Mariló is very hard-working, disciplined, and expects a lot of both herself and the people around her. Behind her role as Head of Administration there is an extrovert, a cheerful person, who loves to dance, to enjoy the simple things in life and home-cooked food. The confidence she transmits is surprising. She always knows where she has come from and where she is headed and that helps her to enjoy her work. She is immensely proud of her siblings and works hard alongside them to make the Uvasdoce project work.



We all know Fran as the company's 'young one'. As well as being the most recent member to join the team (signing him up was like one of the summer's greatest soap operas with a sky-high clause), he is also the youngest out of us all. His 'lust' for learning and innovating drives his boss - and even the Marketing Director - crazy because he never stops giving them ideas about how to increase recognition of the Uvasdoce brand. He is an incredibly creative member of the technical team, a sportsman, restless and, on the afternoons he spends on the beach, he dreams of a future in which he can have his own range of varieties.



Mónica is incredibly organised and a perfectionist. If you don't believe us, just ask her boyfriend. She enjoys giving orders (just ask Fran). Monica loves the sea and music. She is at peace at the seashore or seated at her piano. She began playing at a very young age and, since then, music has always travelled with her. She loves her job and five minutes with her will tell you just that. That's the time she needs to give you a master class on the colours, tastes, origins, shapes, sizes and so on of grapes.



Under the supervision of Alfredo, Pepe organises the work of the more than 80 people in his team and the 200 hectares of Uvasdoce land as if he were an orchestra conductor. He is calm and organised and at home in the countryside. He is familiar with each and every one of the tracks leading to our vineyards. Despite his extensive experience in the world of grapes, he admits to constantly learning new things and that he continues to be surprised by the new varieties we work with and those that are yet to come.



Miriam is creative, overflowing intelligence personified. Nothing stops her in her tracks. She is an expert in marquetry and has designed the very best means of displaying each and every grape, as well as the means for showcasing them in trade shows. Her greatest love - other than the love she has for her nieces and nephews, of course - is the Uvasdoce brand. She is a convincing sales person with unquestionable reasoning that surprises both those who know her and those who do not. Oh, and what a writer! She is also a sports journalist at the weekends and can answer your questions on teams and players in a matter of seconds. In short, limitless imagination and neverending energy.



Fernando brings joy to the office. He has an agile mind and is good with words. He always knows how to get those around him to smile and laugh. SuperFernando has grapes in his DNA. He was born under a vine. He loves food and grapes although if the latter have been turned into wine, all the better. He is a self-declared geek, loves Java programming and is an expert in associated databases. He also tries to find time to go surfing along La Manga. He left the Administration Department in order to join the sales team and make the very most of all his experience.



Verónica is the Sales Department's multilingual member. She speaks English, French, a little Russian and sometimes surprises us by speaking to customers in Italian, Catalán and several strange dialects. Having worked in a wide range of industries including the furniture and frozen foods industries, she joined Uvasdoce and was very keen to get to know everything about the world of grapes. She is a restless person and loves to learn. She enjoys her work, dealing with customers and, in her spare time, likes to enjoy every spare minute her children allow her by doing her favourite thing: devouring one book after another.



Other than the three company owners, the Director of the Human Resources department is the company's oldest employee. Even at her young age, she has spent over a third of her life in a management role in the company. She is from Valencia and knows how the company is run better than anyone. She is also very aware of its best kept secrets. She is the link between everyone at Uvasdoce and provides many other departments with support. It's not that she loves problems, but she does end up dealing with most of them.



Gema is responsible for quality at Uvasdoce and takes grape Brix measurements, prepares samples and audits at the rate of knots. She recently began in this role but has been in the company for some time. She is keen to achieve her goals and knows that, if she makes the effort, she most certainly will. She is a great colleague and is happy making those around her happy. She likes to get a smile from her colleagues, suppliers and customers. She is proud to have been born in the 'land of golden grapes'. Salsa, bachata and kizomba are what await her outside the office. She is, without a doubt, an excellent dance partner.



In our company, we have a person in charge of what we call gourmet production. Cristina began at the bottom a few years ago and, as a result of her commitment and dedication to the company, she was promoted to her current position. As well as doing an excellent job, she is a wonderful colleague who is always ready to help without expecting anything in return. In her spare time, she is a friend, wife and mother. Smiley and happy, this is her attitude to life. Her ability and her attitude are what make those around her also get a bit of her energy.



Mª Salud is from Aspe, a neighbouring town (although, according to her, its a great city within the 'Grape Valley'). She grew up amongst the vines, just like most of the people in this valley. Everyone's had to put bags on vines at one time or another! But what she really loved was going to water the crops with her father. It was a tough job because, at the time, it was done by flood irrigation. She loves learning new things and overcoming new challenges. She works consistently, is cautious, active and a very hard worker. She is the office's little busy bee. She is a woman of few words. Between 3rd and 10th August she leaves it all behind to become a Christian maiden and parades through the streets of Aspe along with members of the Lanceros de Uchel troupe during the town's local fiestas.

Mª Salud


Óscar is from a small town of which he is particularly proud. He loves his work and his understanding of dynamic tables is particularly noteworthy. His face lights up when he is working on them and he loves checking the answers. Oscar is open to learning and a firm believer in the fact that people are the heart of any organisation. Always an optimist, responsible and decisive, one of Oscar's favourite sayings is 'let's make the most of this situation.' He is a great conversationalist and both listens well and speaks well. He's right at home in the mountains and in the countryside.



She is the second member of the team from Muchamiel and has Andalusian roots that give her her comic and good-humoured side. Yolanda was brought up in a country environment and is the third out of five siblings. This is why she is so sociable and has an incredible knack of being able to understand where those around her are coming from. Even though she is the biggest complainer (but she does so in a nice way), she is smiley and her laugh can be heard right throughout the offices. She is by far the member of the team who asks most questions. She likes to be sure before setting about her tasks. She likes the simple things in life and is an animal and nature lover.